Equator Initiative

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Since 2002 the Equator Initiative has held a spotlight on outstanding community-based initiatives in biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction. More than 150 case studies have documented the innovative practices and solutions employed by Equator Prize winners, a number of which work at the nexus of biodiversity and community health.
These organizations have demonstrated success in themes including:
  • Promoting sustainable harvesting techniques to reduce overexploitation and degradation of traditionally significant medicinal plants;
  • Providing accessible healthcare alternatives and economic opportunities for rural communities and marginalized groups;
  • Investing in livelihood improvement and women’s empowerment initiatives through increased revenues;
  • Documenting and preserving traditional ecological knowledge and health practices;
Meeting the challenge of effectively promoting biodiversity conservation and fulfilling community health needs relies on safeguarding traditional knowledge and practices for future generations. The Equator Initiative partnership supports this by recognizing indigenous and local communities whose achievements are excellent examples of local innovation that builds upon a deep understanding of the relationship between biodiversity and community health.

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